Do you have problems with boundaries?

The Boundaries Warrior Toolkit Will Teach You How
To Trust Your Own Judgement about People and Situations.

  Self-worth at rock bottom?

  Worried you can never trust anyone again?

 Afraid you’ll be called “selfish” for standing up for yourself?

Feel like a pale shadow of your former self?

Is how people see  really important  to you?

Does “No” feel like the hardest word?

If so the Boundaries Warrior Toolkit could be just what you are looking for.

The Boundaries Warrior Toolkit is a powerful system that will take you from believing that you have to earn love and approval to standing confidently in your own power so that you enjoy more respect, support and validation than ever before.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are the one to blame for the abusive relationship?

Are you someone who has gone through life always trying to earn love and approval but not receiving the love and consideration that you deserve?

Do you often feel anxious, drained and stressed by your need for other people to see you in a certain way?

"Thank you so much! This is really straightforward and helpful."
Whitney Green

Did you know that setting boundaries is not just about:   

How to set boundaries in a way that is effective but feels absolutely natural for you.

How you can overcome your fear of setting boundaries

The narrowness of the life they have lived as compared to the life they desired and could have had

All because, their experience had made them too frightened of how people would react to ever dare set a boundary.

What The Boundaries Warrior Toolkit will teach you

The insights, tools and techniques you need

Know how to talk to Narcissists.

Make a stand for themselves and leave abusive, non-viable relationships

Establish healthier relationships with problematic family members

Transition to better paid work healthier working environments

Establish new relationships on healthy foundations

Trust their gut – without second-guessing themselves.

Deal with challenging situations without becoming emotionally exhausted.

Enjoy levels of anxiety than ever before.

Show up as a confident adult rather than an anxious people-pleaser.

The tools in the Boundaries Warrior Toolkit work for them and they will work for you, too.

When you apply the tools in the Boundaries Warrior Toolkit, you will have ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED TO

Own the mindset to say “No” to difficult people without feeling bad about yourself.

Make people listen to you and show you the respect you deserve,

Understand – and overcome - your own long-standing boundary issues.  

Know how to put a boundary in the right place for you without agonizing over it.

Powerful scripts for dealing – successfully – with difficult people. 

Transformational healing resources I usually only share with private clients.

An end to the worry of being seen as selfish or not a nice person for not people-pleasing. 

Boundary setting techniques that work even with habitual boundary violators like family and friends.

Free yourself from the stress of expecting to be abused, taken advantage of, invalidated and disregarded.

The Toolkit is for you if:

You have come out of a toxic relationship and never want to go through that again.

You struggle difficult or abusive family members.

You still feel drawn to an ex that they know is bad for them.

You still feel confused and disempowered by a Narcissist.

You’ve spent years trying, at great personal cost, to earn love and approval.

You know you need to have boundaries but you don’t see how to do it.

You want a clear – effective - blueprint for what to say to people and how best to say it.

You know that there has to be an easier way but you haven’t found it.

It helps you to have a simple system that you can follow instead of trying to wing it when you already have enough stress to deal with.

You want to learn from someone who has been there, understands all the pitfalls and can walk you safely past them.

You want to learn from someone who has been there, understands all the pitfalls and can walk you safely past them.

You feel the time has come for you to start enjoying your life.

The tools in the Boundaries Warrior Toolkit work for them and they will work for you, too.

The Boundaries Warrior Toolkit is not for people who


Are not committed to their own healing.


Are prepared to carry on settling for crumbs of acknowledgement, validation and affection.


Believe that other people can implement boundaries but they cannot.


Don’t believe that they deserve to be happy, confident and fulfilled.


Are willing to believe about themselves all the hurtful things their abusive loved ones have said about them.


Have given up on their own lives.


Don’t believe that anything can ever change for them.


Aren’t prepared to believe that having boundaries could be a game-changer.


Aren’t prepared to believe that having boundaries could be a game-changer.


Q. Is this a live program?

No, this is not a live program. This is a digital program that you can work through in your own time.

Q. Will this course really make a difference?

Yes, it really will. The reason why you struggle with boundaries was because you were always actively discouraged from having them by your abusive loved ones. They wanted you to just do their bidding and put yourself last.

As you learn that you can make better choices for yourself and feel good about yourself, you will get better and better at being a boundaries warrior.

Plus, each time that you are true to yourself, you will start to feel happier and more worthwhile.  

Q. What do I actually get?

You get all the course materials that you will need, divided into 3 modules.

In Module 1 you will get a full understanding of what your abusive loved ones kept from you: just how beneficial boundaries will be in your own life.

In Module 2, you will work through the obstacles that have stood in the way of you having boundaries, so that you will no longer be held back by old beliefs and fears.

In Module 3, you will get all the information, tools, scripts and techniques that you need to be able to implement boundaries successfully – even with the most challenging people. 

Q. How do I access the Toolkit?

Once you have bought the Toolkit, you will receive an email with full details of where to go to download your product.

Q. What if it doesn’t work for me?

What if it does? 

The reason that you have not been able to implement boundaries in the past was actually twofold:

1) You didn’t believe that you deserved to have boundaries.

2) You didn’t know how to implement boundaries effectively.

The toolkit will arm you with the knowledge and the mind-shift you need to implement boundaries.  It will work for you.

Q. I suffered narcissistic abuse, will this course help?

For a survivor of narcissistic abuse, this is EXACTLY what you need.

Narcissistic abuse led you to believe – wrongly – that you are worthless and don’t have the same rights as other people to a happy life.

This course will teach you how to keep Narcissists – and other difficult people – at the kind of distance that works for you.  

The Boundaries Warrior Toolkit

How to Stop People Taking Advantage of You and Step Into Your Inner Power